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Retaining Walls

Shotcrete is ideal for any size of retaining wall, whether on a residential property, highway underpass or tunnel as it is very solid and durable. There’s a range of finishes that can be achieved on this type of job, like a natural rock look, steel trowel, or stenciled pattern. Shotcrete is often the choice for motorway retaining walls and can be done during the night when traffic is detoured away from the site if need be.



Shotcrete pools are versatile, solid and attractive. There is scope to be as formal or creative as you like for the finished look and feel. They can either be natural or free-form, lagoon style, beach entry and much more.


Erosion Control

If erosion is a problem in a big or small way, Shotcrete could be the perfect solution. It is solid and strong enough to stabilise and control land against the toughest of elements.


Ponds/Streams/Water Features

Whether on public or private land, we are able to create artificial rock features, or work on culverts and storm water systems. One of the positives of Shotcrete is it’s low permeability so it’s an ideal choice for containing or channeling water. Shotcrete can be sprayed above head do tunnel work no problem


Artificial Rock

Because of the way Shotcrete is applied and finished, it makes for strong and attractive artificial rock features/walls. All it takes is talking through the desired finish with a client and we’re able to create what’s wanted. Whether that be sharp, linear type rocks, or a more rounded, boulder type look, your wish is our command! Artificial rock can be stained to different colour specifications also.


Remedial Work

Shotcrete can be used as stabilisation either for either temporary or permanent projects. Sometimes just a light spray is needed to stabilise earth during the rain.


Concrete Pumping

No job is too big or small for us when it comes to concrete pumping. We have up to 100m of line so we are often able to do jobs that others can't reach. Contact us to find out our competitive rates.

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